About Us

Who We Are

Precision Marble Dusting Inc. is a company specializing in pool remodeling and installation, such as marble dusting, coping, plumbing, tiling, sandblasting, masonry, demolition, and leak detection. For over 20 years in this service field, we have satisfied many customers regarding their pool interior and exterior needs. We have polished our professional crew to work with integrity and conform to the industry standards through our experiences. We serve our clients in Shoreham, NY, and its neighboring communities.

Our company has made a reliable reputation in the industry, so we can assure you that you get the quality services you deserve. You can note that we don’t have subcontractors, which give us direct control of our workers’ job and how they handle your needs. With their skills and our ways to develop them, we guarantee a work beyond comparison. Aside from this, our company is always welcomes every opportunity to help you.

Our History

Jason Williamson, the president of Precision Marble Dusting Inc., started as a laborer back in the late 90s. He strived his way up to be a full trowel man until he decided to open his own business in the early 2000s. For many years, Precision Marble Dusting Inc. has been offering all sorts of pool remodeling services to individuals like you. The company also provides installation services for finishes, and demolition work or full stripping for gunite pools.

What Can We Offer

We have a skilled, professional, and committed crew that ensures to achieve your specifications and give you quality services at a competitive and reasonable price. Moreover, we actively listen to your concerns and give you a suitable solution. We provide free estimates to gauge your calculations and expenses for the work that you need. We are also reachable on social media for your easy access to our services.

For each remodeling or installation service, we offer you our utmost efforts to attain your dream look for your pool. Precision Marble Dusting Inc. creates or renovates your pool to improve your lifestyle and turn its ambiance much better. Through our various services, we can enhance your home or property’s value and make memorable moments.

We are your reliable pool construction or remodeling company that is detail-oriented and customer-engaging. We are available at each step of the process from the start until the completion of the job. If you have supplementary concerns during the ongoing work, we are much ready to cater to them.

What Makes Us Unique

Precision Marble Dusting Inc. gives a significant value to customer relationships. One of our aims is to establish satisfied clients with the services we provide them. We understand how essential our job is to them, that is why we continue to improve and offer our best shot in every project. We are much attentive to every detail and aligns our objectives with satisfying and retaining customers.

As a fast-growing company, we keep up with the industry’s standards and use the appropriate equipment to guarantee that you can receive commendable services. This idea ensures that you can have a worthwhile experience in working with us. In our works, we keep your specifications and demands in mind because your fulfillment is one of our priorities while helping you save on your money.

Attaining notable standards in customer satisfaction, providing professional services, and continuing to aim for work improvements are some of the essential points that we consider. At Precision Marble Dusting Inc., you can be sure that we can adhere to your pool remodeling and installation needs. Trust our quality, reliable, and competent services, and let our team give you the best customer experience.