Pool Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Naturally, your swimming pool can lose some water due to evaporation, splash-out when someone is swimming, and backwash wastewater. When it rains, you can also obtain an increase in the water level. However, if you notice that you keep adding more than two inches of water to your pool weekly, you might be experiencing a leak that needs immediate repair.

It is much better if you act immediately to get your leak repaired because it saves you an amount of water and chemicals. Aside from this, it can also prevent impairing pool structural elements and wash away those fill specks of dirt. Leak detection is an essential branch of our services. If you can’t take care of your leak problems yourself, Precision Marble Dusting Inc is your partner to get the work done.

Reviewing Your Pool For Any Possible Leaks

When you call for our pool detection services, it is understandable that we need to discuss things regarding the problem of your swimming pool. If you suspect any possible leak, you can review these following points before calling our services so that you can note your observations.

Is your pool showing signs of a leak when you turn on the equipment?
Is your pool showing signs of a leakage when you turn off the pool equipment?
Does your pool leak all the time?
Is there any present leak at your pool's equipment pad?
Does the water stabilize at any specific level?
Do you often see any wet areas around your pool?
Is there any leak in your pool's tile or on its cracks?
Are you unsure of your pool's evaporation rate?
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Our Qualified Leak Detection Services

Locating your swimming pool leak requires a better understanding of the process of building a swimming pool and the reasons as to why it tends to break. Moreover, specialized equipment is also necessary to complete the task successfully, so we make sure that we are a well-equipped and qualified company for the project. As we are detailed-oriented, we are keen on observations to ensure a reliable leak detection service for individuals like you. 

We do our best to assess every aspect of your pool to look for any leak. Here is a list of things why it is significant to locate your pool’s leak immediately with our professional help:

  • You can save money regarding the cost of always refilling your pool with water.
  • You also can save on the resultant electricity consumption.
  • We know the ways and means of this service, so you can be confident that our work does not create any further damage to your pool.
  • You can prevent the increase in the amount of water treatment chemical requirements to keep your pool in excellent condition.
  • You can gain peace of mind knowing that your pool gets a repair from a trusted professional service. 
  • You can experience quality, efficient, and timely work that does not hurt your budget at an excessive amount.