Marble Dusting

Our Marble Dusting Services

If you want a smooth plaster finish for your gunite swimming pool, you can opt for marble dust. This kind of material is a combination of crushed marble and refined white cement that you can obtain in different colors and patterns.

Marble dust is a substance that gives a classic look to the pool because of its clean and smooth characteristics. From other finishes, you can observe that this material is shared among pool owners because it is budget-friendly and straightforward for repairs. Our process of marble dusting offers you a pleasant finish and enhances your pool’s appearance.

Our Marble Dusting Process

Our marble dusting process comprises ten steps to provide you with a perfect finish. Here are the steps that complete our professional services:

Step 1:
Emptying And Drying The Pool
The first step we do is to make sure that your pool is empty and dry. This procedure is much necessary because putting the marble dust as a plaster needs a dry surface so that it sticks to the swimming pool well.
Step 2:
Removing The Old Plaster
After drying the pool, we need to remove the old plaster because we are refinishing it with a new one. We make sure our workers wear their safety equipment while doing this procedure.
Step 3: Cleaning Off The Old Surface
Since the old plaster is out from the surface of the pool, it requires proper cleaning. We ensure a tidy pool surface before proceeding to the next step because debris may affect the process.
Step 4:
Washing The Pool With Acid Solution
Cleaning the swimming pool with an acid solution makes it more effective. An acid solution may consist of a mixture of water and muriatic acid.
Step 5:
Removing The Acid Solution
After washing down the pool with the acid solution and ensuring it is clean enough, the next step is to remove the solution. We can guarantee that the newly applied marble dust holds fast to the swimming pool's surface.
Step 6:
Mixing Of The Plaster
We combine the marble dust and the refined cement into the mixer equipment. The necessary amount of the mixture depends on the dimensions of your pool.
Step 7:
Pouring and Spreading Of The Mixture
After the mixing process, we pour the mixture into the pool. We keep in mind that our workers need to do this quickly while spreading the marble dust solution. We also make sure to concentrate on filling the present cracks on the surface..
Step 8:
Waiting For The First Coat To Dry
We give some time to wait for the first mixture coating to dry out before applying the second one.
Step 9:
Applying Second Coating
We put another layer of marble dust plaster to the pool surface in the same manner as the previous coating. We wait for it to dry and apply the final layer when needed.
Step 10:
Refilling The Pool With Water
Once the final layer of marble dust plaster dries, we fill your pool with water.
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The Importance of Marble Dusting Your Pool

As an owner of a pool, you have to know why it is needed to use marble dust because by recognizing its importance, you can take care of it well. Marble dusting is necessary when the finish of your pool turns discolored and worn out. This condition typically happens to older pools. Check this following list of signs that you specifically need us to refinish your swimming pool.

To keep your pool in its most exceptional condition possible, you need to consider its finishing, and our marble dusting services can provide you with that. Here are several advantages that you can obtain through the use of marble dust as a plaster finish: