Our SandBlasting Services

If you plan to repaint your swimming pool, you need to keep in mind that you should first remove the traces of old paint. The recommended method for this situation is sandblasting. When your existing paint coating is roughly peeling, then this service is the best option.

Sandblasting involves the usage of equipment to administer an abrasive medium at the surface of the pool. With our services, Precision Marble Dusting Inc caters to your needs. We strive our hardest to give you that pool paradise that you can enjoy comfortably with your loved ones.

How Does Sandblasting Work

We believe in providing you with our utmost efforts in every work we do, and your sandblasting needs is not an exemption. We have a few steps that make our sandblasting services complete and notable.

Draining and Drying The Pool
The very first step for the pool sandblasting is to take the water in it. All liquids must be out from the swimming pool, and then we will leave it to dry.
Removing Drain Covers, Lights, Ladders
Another consideration we take is getting your pool's drain covers, lights, and ladders away. Anything that needs covering, we ensure that we use a necessary material for its protection. This method secures your other belongings from the sandblasting process.
Applying A Sandblasting Medium
After drying the pool, getting some of its accessories, and securing other belongings, we now proceed to put the sandblasting medium. The medium we use depends on the kind of pool you want to sandblast. Rest assured, we provide quality work to meet your demands.
Start Of Pool Sandblasting
We typically move to the deeper part of the pool and direct the hose to the right angle. We make sure to achieve your desired effect on the pool's surface and walls.
Cleaning Of Dust And Debris
After the actual sandblasting step, we remove any traces of dust and debris from your pool and its surroundings. We thoroughly wash your swimming pool as needed, and then we put away all the coverings we made from the start.
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Getting Our Sandblasting Work Done

Whether you are a new or known client, we always embrace every opportunity to work with you. Precision Marble Dusting Inc takes our pride in your satisfaction. If you want to know how our company gets the work done, you can refer to the following key points.