Tile Installation


If you notice that your pool’s tiles are starting to exhibit the signs of wear and tear, you should consider getting it repaired. This action may be necessary for you. You need to assess that a broken and cracked tile on your swimming pool’s surface can harm you and those who use it.  

Technically speaking, it is typical for your tiles to break off, especially when it has lasted for years. As soon as you observe any tile damage in your swimming pool, you must acquire a tile repair service as quickly as possible. Besides the fact that you need tile replacement because it needs fixing, opting for new tiles can also enhance your pool’s ambiance. Fortunately, Precision Marble Dusting Inc offers you a timely and budget-friendly tiling service.

Indications That Your Pool Needs A Tile Repair

Since you are the owner, you should be mindful and responsible for your property. Checking and monitoring your pool is essential, especially when there are many users. As an experienced company, we have encountered numerous situations already, so we provide some indications wherein you can identify whether you need a tile repair service today.

Broken or Cracked Tiles
Those broken or cracked tiles are much unsightly to your swimming pool. It also leads to accidents or injuries if someone doesn't notice it while in the water. Call our services right away to avoid this from happening.
Improper Installation
If your swimming pool is less than a year old, but it is already experiencing some tiles falling off, there may be inaccuracies in its installation. There is a possibility that the applied adhesive mortar has a thin layer, or the previous workers are not skilled in laying tiles.
Old and Worn Out Tiles
After a couple of years, your tiles usually reach its life expectancy. Although you practice proper tile maintenance, time will come that it turns old and worn out. When that occurs, you can always turn to our services to restore the beauty of your pool.
Missing Application of Urethane Bead
There is a tendency that the tiles will come loose and fall off the surface or walls when the water leaks behind it. Through utilizing a urethane bead, you can stop this condition from occurring. However, if there is no application of it or the urethane bead collapses, the water continues to seep until it requires you some tile fixing.
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Remodeling Your Pool With New Tiles

If you are still thinking twice about whether to start repairing your pool with new tiles or not, we exist to help you determine that. Renovating or fixing them enhances not only your swimming pool’s overall look but also ensures your safety. Read on these benefits that you can attain from Precision Marble Dusting Inc.’s reliable and quality services.

Improved Aesthetics

One of the advantages of pool tiles is creating a clean and cohesive appearance. Aside from this, this product comes in various colors, designs, and patterns, which you mix and match based on your preference. Be worry-free because we are ready to help you achieve that dream pool with our services.

Safety Of The Users

Another impactful thing from obtaining a pool tiling service is that you can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. This pool service can address your needs in repairing tiles to prevent injuries while enjoying the water. Aside from this, some tiles offer a non-slip feature, which is essential for your swimming pool. 

Secures Your Pool’s Foundation

Your pool’s tile can function as a maintenance to your outdoor area. This material acts as an additional sealant, to which it aids in securing your pool’s foundation. When your pool is well-protected, you can avoid the occurrence of cracks and leaks.