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Gunite Pool In North Lynbrook

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Signs You Need to Invest in Gunite Pool Repairs

An in-ground swimming pool is a wonderful asset. It provides much-needed relief on hot summer days and it’s a great place to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones; it can be used for exercise, too. If you have a gunite pool, there’s no doubt that it’s a favorite and one of the most frequently-used features of your Nassau County home.

While gunite pools are exceptionally durable and can withstand the elements and general wear and tear much better than other types of in-ground swimming pools, such as fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools, they do need to be properly maintained and require repairs from time to time. How do you know if your swimming pool needs to be repaired? If you’ve noticed any of the following, contacting a reputable North Lynbrook, NY professional that specializes in gunite pool repairs is an absolute must.

  • It’s painful. Swimming is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not a painful one (unless, of course, you’re using it for extreme workouts). If the surface of your gunite pool feels like sandpaper, instead of feeling relaxed, if there are rough patches along the bottom and sides of your gunite pool, swimming, diving, and splashing may leave you in pain. Gunite pools are made of concrete, which has a rough texture. In order to create a smooth surface, a plaster coating is applied over the walls and bottom of the structure; however, over time, the plaster can wear off. Constant exposure to chemicals, water pressure, changes in temperature, improper pH and calcium levels, and just regular use can weaken the plaster surface. As the plaster deteriorates, the rough texture of the concrete underneath is exposed. Those rough patches not only impact the visual appeal of the structure, but they can also make swimming painful, as they can scratch up your feet, knees, elbows, and hands. With gunite pool resurfacing, the smoothness of the walls and bottom of your pool will be restored.
  • Cracks and flakes. If you’ve spotted cracks or flaking on the stairs, walls, and along the bottom of your swimming pool, gunite pool repairs are a must. Cracks can indicate a structural problem, and flaking is a telltale sign that the plaster is starting to deteriorate. A company that specializes in gunite pool services can address both issues and restore the structural integrity, beauty, and usability of your built-in swimming pool.
  • Dirty water. Does it seem like no matter how many chemicals you use or how much you vacuum, your gunite pool is always dirty? Cloudy, murky, discolored, and even smelly water are all signs that something is amiss. There are a number of issues that can lead to dirty water; there could be an issue with your plumbing lines, your skimmer may be damaged, or there may be a clog in the filter, for example. Whatever the cause, if the water looks (or smells) less-than-appealing, contact a Nassau County company that specializes in gunite pool repairs. They’ll be able to perform a complete inspection of your swimming pool and will detect and correct the issue so that you can start enjoying clear, refreshing water again.
  • Low water levels. You can expect the water levels in your pool to drop a bit, especially after your swimming pool has been heavily used or long stretches of really hot weather; however, the water levels shouldn’t be noticeably low on a constant basis. If you find that you regularly have to add more water to your pool, contact a North Lynbrook, NY gunite pool specialist. Constant water loss could be a sign of a leak. Leaks in a gunite pool can occur for a number of reasons; there may be a deep structural crack, the plumbing lines may be malfunctioning, or there could be an issue with the fittings, for example. By having a company that specializes in leak detection and correction assess your pool, the issue can be repaired and the safety and function of your gunite pool can be restored.
  • Coping damage. Coping plays a vital role in a gunite pool, as it creates a smooth, even transition from the edge of the structure to the decking or ground. Coping not only affects the look of the pool, but it also impacts its safety. If the coping around your swimming pool is cracking, chipping, separating, or damaged in any other way, you could be looking at serious structural problems; not to mention the fact that your pool won’t look as aesthetically pleasing. A reputable professional that specializes in gunite pool repairs will be able to address your coping issues and make any necessary repairs. They can even create a completely new look and enhance the visual appeal of your swimming pool.

For Expert Gunite Pool Repairs in Nassau County, Contact Precision Pools!

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues or you’re any other problem with your gunite pool, instead of searching for “gunite pool resurfacing near me” or “gunite pool services near me”, contact Precision Pools. Our fully licensed and insured pool installation, restoration, and maintenance company has been providing the Nassau County community with high-quality, reliable, and affordable gunite pool repairs for more than 20 years. We offer a broad range of services and are committed to delivering impeccable results.

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