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Pool Replastering In North Merrick

3 Important Factors to Look for When You’re Researching “Pool Replastering Companies Near Me” in Nassau County, NY

For more than 20 years, Precision Pools has been beautifying the properties of Nassau County with top-quality pool installation and restoration services. A full-service, fully licensed, and insured company, we specialize in pool replastering and pool resurfacing and can bring your North Merrick, NY concrete, or gunite swimming pool back to life. Using the most state-of-the-art products and proven techniques and strategies, our professionally trained technicians will completely restore the function and the beauty of the most beloved feature of your home: your swimming pool. If you’re looking for “pool replastering companies near me” in Nassau County, for the highest quality and most reliable results, there’s only one company to call: Precision Pools.

3 Key Factors to Consider When You’re Researching Pool Replastering Companies Near You

Pool replastering is a vital part of maintaining a concrete or gunite swimming pool. These materials, while durable, aren’t watertight and are quite abrasive; not to mention the fact that they aren’t exactly visually appealing. By adding a layer of plaster to the surface, the pool becomes impermeable, the surface is smooth to the touch, and it just looks more attractive. Over time, however, that plaster material can start to weaken, erode, crack, peel, and become stained and discolored. When that happens, it’s time to get in touch with a Nassau County pool replastering company.

It isn’t hard to find a company that specializes in swimming pool replastering in North Merrick, NY; a quick search for “pool replastering near me”, “swimming pool replastering near me”, or “replaster pool near me” will reveal plenty of results. But how do you determine which company is the right one for the job? By taking the following factors into consideration when you’re researching pool replastering companies near you, you’ll be able to find a professional you can rely on to offer premium-quality results.

License and Insurance

Just like any other professional, you should never hire a pool replastering company unless they are fully licensed and insured. Licensing certifies that the contractor has received all necessary training in the complex techniques and strategies that pool resurfacing requires. Insurance protects you, the client, from having to pay any costs that may be associated with any mishaps that may occur; for example, if the pool replastering company damages your property or if one of their employees suffers an injury while working on your property, the contractor’s insurance would cover the cost of any repairs or medical care that may be required. In addition to certifying that the company is knowledgeable and experienced in pool replastering, in order to perform these services in Nassau County, pool replastering companies must be fully licensed and insured. When you’re researching pool replastering companies near you, be sure to ask for proof of both and confirm with your local licensing officials and their insurance company to confirm the validity of both. 

Techniques and Strategies

It goes without saying that you want the highest quality results. The type of techniques and strategies that a pool replastering company uses has a direct impact on the finished product, so be sure to inquire about both. A reputable contractor will use the highest end plasters in an assortment of colors and patterns so that they can create customized looks that appeal to the needs of each individual customer. They’ll also utilize the most advanced strategies to ensure that all existing plaster is removed, prepare the surface of the pool so that it is ready to accept a new coat of plaster, and will use a proven set of techniques to apply the new plaster surface. Before you make a final decision, inquire about the products and the process that each North Merrick, NY pool replastering company uses.


A reputable professional in any industry, including pool replastering companies near you, will be more than happy to share references from previous clients. Ask each swimming pool replastering company near you that you’re considering hiring for a list of references that you can contact, and don’t be afraid to get in touch with them. If a contractor is hesitant about sharing references, dismisses your request, or flat out says “no”, consider those red flags and keep on looking until you find a Nassau County pool replastering company that does provide references. Make sure you contact the individuals that are listed as references and ask questions about the quality of work the pool replastering company delivered.

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