long island pool installation

What is pool resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing is a specialized art in which the skilled hands of pool builders, contractors, and landscape designers are needed to transform an outdated pool design into a pristine feature that is appealing, safe, functional, and comfortable for family members, friends, and visitors. The pool resurfacing process begins with the removal of debris from the pool surface. Precision pools can offer many options and pricing for pool resurfacing including brick removal, tile removal, concrete resurfacing, marble or granite tile replacement, or stone or concrete patios, all of which will dramatically improve the appearance of your pool and create more space for entertaining. 

Fiberglass is the most popular material for pool resurfacing because of its low cost, high strength/weight ratio, and wide availability. Pool fiberglass material must undergo three basic processes before installation. First, the fiberglass must undergo thermal treatment where it is coated with borate to increase its chemical resistance and enhance its waterproofing properties. Next, the fiberglass must undergo cold work where rough particles are shot at it and the hot, abrasive water that comes out must be removed using chemicals such as chlorine and boron.